Buchanan comments on water rights

Special to the Press-Leader

Oklahoma Farm Bureau President Tom Buchanan issued the following statement in response to the agreement reached by the state of Oklahoma and the tribes over water rights in Oklahoma.

“As evidenced by this major water rights agreement, strong partnerships are critical to ensuring the agriculture industry can continue to be a substantial and productive part of the Oklahoma economy in the decades ahead.”

“Water is our state’s most important commodity and the lifeblood of Oklahoma agriculture. Oklahoma Farm Bureau recognizes and respects the need to responsibly manage this natural resource in the best interest of our state. As an organization, we are committed to working with others to develop Oklahoma’s water supply for the future of Oklahoma and Oklahoma agriculture.”

“We commend Gov. Mary Fallin and Attorney General Scott Pruitt on the completion of a landmark case that will ensure Oklahoma’s water needs are met both now and in the future,” Buchanan said.

Special to the Press-Leader

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