Police stop burglary before it happens

By Kathleen Guill - kguill@civitasmedia.com

About 5 a.m. Sept. 6, Sgt. William Ingram of the Frederick Police Department was taking a report of a suspected burglary at 1010 S. 13th St.

According to police, the male victim told Ingram that while he was working on his vehicle the previous evening, he was approached by Cory Rivas and two other individuals. After he finished working on his car, he noticed that the key that had been in the car’s ignition, was missing.

The female victim said that she noticed one of the individuals holding an item up and waving it towards the others that she thought might have been the key, but she wasn’t sure.

The victims said that they searched everywhere and were unable to locate the key. The male victim then told Ingram that he was afraid Rivas and his friends would come back later that night to either steal the car or something from the car. He said said he stayed up most of the night, but fell asleep. He was awoken sometime later by his barking dogs and he went outside to investigate. The victim said that he discovered his shed and mobile home had been broken into.

According to Ingram, while he was taking the victim’s statement, they heard a vehicle approaching. The victim said that it sounded like Rivas’ truck. The truck was headed in their direction so the victims and Ingram moved down the driveway to a better vantage point. Ingram then saw a truck traveling westbound with no headlights on.

The vehicle turned south and approached the victims’ residence, and when the suspect began pulling into the victim’s driveway, Ingram used his flashlight to signal for the suspect to stop. Ingram made contact with the suspect who was already being aggressive and the suspect allegedly told Ingram he didn’t have to show his driver’s license and insurance.

According to Ingram, he told the suspect that he was stopped for failing to use his headlights required when driving on public roadways after dark. Ingram also advised Rivas that he was being detained for refusing to follow lawful demands. Ingram removed Rivas from the vehicle and during the process of being handcuffed, Rivas fled on foot.

Ingram chased Rivas and followed him to his mother’s house where he jumped a fence and entered the residence through a rear door. Ingram made contact with the residents by knocking at the front door, where he met Rivas’ father, Ricardo Rivas and he told him that his son was under arrest.

Ingram heard Rivas crash through the back door and then saw the suspect standing behind the front door. When Ingram attempted to enter the residence, the suspect hit him several times with the door. Rivas fled through the residence to the bathroom with Ingram chasing him. Ingram made it to the bathroom and the suspect tried to push him into the bathtub, which caused them both to fall in. Rivas punched Ingram in the face twice and when Ingram tried to arrest Rivas again, he bit Ingram’s right index finger, according to Ingram, in an attempt to bite it off.

Rivas locked down on Ingram’s finger and refused to let go. Ingram tased Rivas multiple times with no effect. Rivas got up and attempted to flee again, which is when his mother, Christa Rivas, pleaded with him to stop fighting. She tried to grab him just outside the bathroom, but Rivas threw his mother into Ingram’s path, which slammed her into the bathroom sink and onto the floor.

Ingram was forced to jump over Rivas’ mother as she lay on the bathroom floor, and finally gained control of the suspect in an area outside the bathroom where he was placed in double locked handcuffs and escorted to a patrol car.

Rivas, his mother, and Ingram were all checked by Tillman County Emergency Medical Service at the scene.

Rivas was booked into the Tillman County Jail on the charges of resisting arrest, not using headlights when driving after dark, assault and battery on a police officer, escaping after arrest and transferring bodily fluids upon a state employee.

By Kathleen Guill


Reach Kathleen Guill at 580-379-0588, ext. 2602.

Reach Kathleen Guill at 580-379-0588, ext. 2602.

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