Municipal candidate filings slated

Special to the Press-Leader

Candidates for municipal office in five Tillman County municipalities may file declarations of candidacy beginning at Feb. 6 at 8 a.m.

Sherri Jacobs, Secretary of the County Election Board, said the filing period ends at Feb. 8 at 5 p.m.

Declarations of candidacy will be accepted at the County Election Board office for the indicated offices for each of the following municipalities:

City of Frederick

*Councilmember Ward Three, four year term

*Councilmember Ward Four, four year term

*Councilmember At Large, four year term

City of Grandfield

*Councilmember Ward One, four year term

*Councilmember Ward Three, four year term

*Councilmember At Large, Ward Five “Mayor” two year term

Town of Tipton

*Trustee Position, Office Two, four year term

Town of Davidson

*One Trustee Position, four year term

*Two Trustee Positions, completing two year terms each

Town of Manitou

*One Trustee Position, four year term

The municipal offices at stake in City of Frederick, City of Grandfield, Town of Tipton, Town of Davidson and Town of Manitou will be filled in the nonpartisan election scheduled April 4.

For questions about ward locations please contact your local municipal office.

Special to the Press-Leader

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