Republican Governor Mary Fallin spoke at Altus Air Force Base commending, commemorating trailblazing women for Women’s History Month

Staff Report

Republican Gov. Mary Fallin spoke at Altus Air Force Base on Thursday to commemorate Women’s History Month. The presentation from focused on trailblazing women in business and industry, celebrating the contributions women have made in these fields.

Fallin is the first female governor of Oklahoma and she commended the men and women aboard the base and those in the Altus community for their service and commitment to making a mark on history.

She about her grandmother who moved to Oklahoma with her parents in a covered wagon to pick cotton and her mother who served as mayor of Tecumseh immediately after her father passed away.

“Women have been breaking glass ceilings and we’ve been able to stand up on their shoulders,” Fallin said.

Fallin recognized the 13 female members of the House of Representatives and six women in the Oklahoma Senate for their contribution.

She also spoke about state Sen. Kim David (R-Porter), the first woman to be named appropriations chair, state Rep. Leslie Osborn (R-Mustang) Who serves as chair of the Appropriations and Budget Committee for the Oklahoma House of Representatives, and the 429 appointed positions that have been filled by women.

“The glass ceiling has clearly been broken,” Fallin said.

Staff Report

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