Fundraising efforts continue for public pool

By Kathleen Guill -

The Frederick Public Pool is a public service for the residents of Frederick. The pool normally opens by Memorial Day weekend and closes by mid-August.

Betsy Simmons and Heather Brockriede not only run the pool and take care of the general upkeep, but they also take care of fundraising events so new elements will be available to future pool seasons.

Brockriede said that they have already hired a company to build shade structures at the pool. They are accepting donations of white sheets of tin. They need eight foot and 12 foot pieces.

“If we can get people to donate the tin, then that’s less money we have to pay for the shade structures and that money can go towards the slides,” Brockriede said.

The Friends of the Frederick Public Pool are currently accepting donations for two slide structures for the pool. One will go at the deep end of the pool and one closer to the shallow end for smaller children. The approximate cost of the two slides will total about $35,000.

The pool does not make the city a profit. Funds raised during the pool season from renting it out to parties as well as the daily patrons, all goes back into the pool for upkeep and to add new attractions for the next season.

“The diving board has helped a lot with getting people in the pool,” Brockriede said. “We used money from fundraising to get that and it’s helped.”

Brockriede spoke with the principals of the Frederick Public Schools and they will be selling stickers that allow students third-grade and up to wear hats in school on Fridays. That will begin later in August. Those funds will also go towards to slides.

“This is a service to the community,” Brockriede said. “This is so the people of the community have something to do. The kids have a place to go.”

The hardest part is getting lifeguards, Brockriede said.

“Recruiting lifeguards is hard. They have to go through a certification class to be able to work here,” Brockriede said. “An instructor comes here but they can go anywhere to get certified like Altus or Vernon.”

The best part is getting to talk to people and see people.

“My favorite thing about being up here is when you have people come that were lifeguards in the past and they tell you stories,” Brockriede said. “A guy came about a month ago and he came in and flipped that board over and his name is engraved under it. He was a lifeguard in the 70s.”

Emiley Noack said she loves being a lifeguard.

“My favorite thing is getting to work with my friends,” she said. “We get to swim on break.”

The lifeguards work in rotation shifts. To keep everyone safe during the rotations, swimmers are asked to leave the pool during that short period of time to make sure the lifeguards are in their spots.

The pool is available for daily use and also is rented out to parties. Renters can bring food and drinks but aren’t allowed to bring water balloons, silly string or alcohol.

The Friends of the Public Pool are selling engraved paver stones. To place an order or to make a donation, call Heather Brockriede at 580- 305-5534 or Betsy Simmons at 580-305-2654 or make a donation at BancFirst under the name Friends of the Public Pool. All funds will go towards the cost of the slides.

To keep updated with fundraising events for the pool, visit Frederick Public Pool and Friends of the Frederick Public Pool on Facebook.

By Kathleen Guill

Reach Kathleen Guill at 580-379-0588, ext. 2602.

Reach Kathleen Guill at 580-379-0588, ext. 2602.

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