Local man arrested for drugs, assault

By Kathleen Guill - kathleen@press-leader.com


A local man was arrested on multiple charges after officers were dispatched to a structure fire.

Sgt. William Ingram with the Frederick Police Department was dispatched to 17th Street on a call about a structure fire just after 7 p.m. on Nov. 18. According to the police affidavit, Ingram was traveling east on Aster Avenue when he saw flames coming from a window of a residence. When Ingram pulled up to the house, he saw a man hunched over in the driveway coughing.

The man allegedly told Ingram that the resident of the house, Kenneth Ray Rieichenbacker, was home but he didn’t know where he was. After the fire was put out, it was discovered that nobody was home. Officers searched for contact information for Rieichenbacker and found a cell phone and other items, including two packs of cigarettes. According to Ingram, one pack was open and contained one cigarette and a clear plastic baggie of a crystalline substance that later tested positive for Methamphetamines.

The officers left the items where they found them to be documented by the Oklahoma State Fire Marshall. During the Marshall’s investigation it was discovered that the suspect had entered the residence and was found lying in the bed. The baggie with the crystalline substance was also missing and the suspect allegedly denied knowing its whereabouts.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Rieichenbacker was cooperative while officers searched for the baggie, but allegedly stated multiple times that he had nothing on him. The suspect spontaneously produced his current pack of cigarettes to allegedly show that nothing besides cigarettes was in it. According to Ingram the cigarettes were identical to the pack found on the bed that contained the baggie.

The Marshall pointed out that the clear plastic baggie had been stuffed into the top of an ashtray that was on top of a dresser. Rieichenbacker allegedly became uncooperative and defiant upon the discovery of the baggie. Ingram stated in the affidavit that the suspect was told to leave the active crime scene, to which Rieichenbacker allegedly responded, “You’ll have to shoot me,” several times.

Officer Jason Brown with the Frederick Police Department tried to get control of the suspect and told him he was under arrest. Rieichenbacker allegedly shoved Officer Brown towards the bedroom door. The suspect was tased and taken into custody and transported to the Tillman County Jail.

Rieichenbacker was booked for obstruction of a public officer, destroying evidence, resisting an executive officer, assault and battery on a police officer and possession of a controlled, dangerous substance after a first conviction.


By Kathleen Guill


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