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Frederick Lions Club has begun the process of naming Frederick’s Most Useful Citizens, a man and a woman. The Most Useful Citizens program began in 1933 and has continued without interruption.

According to Melissa Huff, President of Frederick Lions Club, “Our selection process invites members of the community to make nominations which will be screened by a secret committee.”

This secret committee’s function will be to receive nominations, examine and evaluate each and make the final selection of the Most Useful Man and Woman. The committee will deliver the final selection to the President in a sealed envelope. President Haynes will read the names at the Frederick Chamber of Commerce Banquet on Feb. 1, 2018.

Nominations are encouraged and can be made by anyone. The nominations must be in writing, sealed in an envelope, addressed to President, Frederick Lions Club, P.O. Box 951, Frederick, OK 73542. The envelope should be marked “Attention: Most Useful Committee.”

Nominations will be received until Jan. 24, 2018.

The Most Useful Citizens names will be read and recognized at the Chamber Banquet with a formal recognition sometime in the future at a regular Lions Club meeting.

The man and woman selected will be known as Frederick’s Most Useful Citizens 2017. President Huff said, “The information supplied by the one making the nomination can span any number of years. Frederick has had many people making quality, useful, volunteer contributions to improve the city and make it a place for a wholesome life for Frederick’s citizens. These are the kind of people we wish to recognize.”

Frederick’s past Most Useful Citizens:

  • 1933 Mrs. J.L. Newland and J. L. Newland
  • 1934 Mrs. A.H. Holloman and Polk Fry, Sr.
  • 1935 Mrs. R.L. Case and Dr. W.T. Longwell
  • 1936 Mrs. C.C. Allen and Dr. Joe J. Rogers
  • 1937 Mrs. Jimmie Jones and L.J. (Bill) Gause
  • 1938 Mrs. O.W. Burnham and R.O. (Bob) Cull
  • 1939 Mrs. Providence Mounts and Paul McLellan
  • 1940 Mrs. John T. Dotson and Chester C. Moore
  • 1941 Mrs. R.O. Cull and Cecil R. Chamberlin
  • 1942 Mrs. Lynn Harris and J.A. Mathis & Col. Roy L. Fischer
  • 1943 Mrs. W.R. Harper and Sam G. Miller
  • 1944 Mrs. Cecil R. Chamberlin and Charles M. Crawford
  • 1945 Mrs. Charles M. Crawford and Roscoe Christian
  • 1946 Mrs. Paul McLellan and Homer Tilley
  • 1947 Miss Frances Burkhardt and Charles Hubbard
  • 1948 Mrs. A.M. Dennis Oscar and E. Brittian
  • 1949 Mrs. C.C. Cox and Cecil H. Wyatt
  • 1950 Mrs. V.E. Hamm Wade Watson and David Gish
  • 1951 Mrs. Lorraine Kent and R.H. Wessel
  • 1952 Mrs. May Akin and Lloyd Cole
  • 1953 Mrs. Leona Oxford and W.J. (Bill) McIntosh
  • 1954 Mrs. Harrison Roe and C.C. (Tiny) Black
  • 1955 Mrs. Leon Stith and Milton G. Tomlinson
  • 1956 Mrs. Jack Zumwalt and B.W. Kent
  • 1957 Mrs. W.G. Roe, Jr. and J. Alton Thompson
  • 1958 Mrs. Galen Briggs and Raymond Waits, Sr.
  • 1959 Mrs. Ray Duffy and O.E. Kennedy
  • 1960 Mrs. John Perkins, Jr. and Monty Worthington
  • 1961 Mrs. Arthur Holloway and Hubert L. Gilbreth
  • 1962 Mrs. Lloyd Register and Donald Johnson
  • 1963 Mrs. Ralph Faulconer and Anthony Massad
  • 1964 Mrs. C.K. Barnes and Howard McBee
  • 1965 Mrs. J.A. Mathis and Joe Myers
  • 1966 Mrs. Ralph Anthony and J.D. Duckworth
  • 1967 Mrs. Casey Dombrowski and Jim Jack Loftis
  • 1968 Mrs. Roger Johnson and Laxton Malcom
  • 1969 Mrs. Josephine Massey and Bodie Collins
  • 1970 Mrs. Hardee Crudup and Benton Caldwell
  • 1971 Mrs. A.B. Crudup and Prather Brown
  • 1972 Mrs. Jim Fondren Leonard Hensen, Emil Marcus, Lloyd Wilson
  • 1973 Mrs. Tom Armour and Homer Loftis
  • 1974 Mrs. Bob Maxwell and Rev. A.J. Joiner
  • 1975 Mrs. C.H. Wyatt and Carl McFall
  • 1976 Mrs. Bob Copeland and Dr. C. Curtis Allen
  • 1977 Mrs. Wilbur Brown and Marion Lewis
  • 1978 Mrs. Sue Dickey and Bill Crawford
  • 1979 Mrs. Loyd Benson and Loyd Benson
  • 1980 Mrs. Arthur Goodknightand Robert H. Holloman
  • 1981 Mrs. Burgin McFall and Jack McFall
  • 1982 Mrs. Halley Hopps and Larry Watkins
  • 1983 Mrs. Larry Greer and Celeta Pace and Larry Greer
  • 1984 Mrs. Doug Ade and Ray Long
  • 1985 Mrs. Roger Guilford and Doyle Balentine
  • 1986 Mrs. Jack Honaker and Fred Barbee
  • 1987 Mrs. Clara Berry and Gerald K. Richards
  • 1988 Mrs. Leo Fallon and Leon J. Fallon
  • 1989 Mrs. Wanda Jo Evaige and Kenneth L. Ames
  • 1990 Mrs. Gwen Smith and Art Cunningham
  • 1991 Mrs. Larita Balentine and Vernon Stotts
  • *Faye Simpson
  • 1992 Mrs. Betty Box and Louis Box
  • *Hazel Worthington
  • 1993 Mrs. Jim Loftis and Michael Evans
  • 1994 Mrs. Twyla Elsener and Doug Ade
  • 1995 Mrs. Tony Massad and Homer Lynn Ryan
  • *Joe Miller
  • 1996 Mrs. Barbara Tucker and Mark Bobo
  • 1997 Mrs. Marcia Messner and Owen L. Fry
  • 1998 Valarie Clayton and Willie Perkins
  • 1999 Louise Tyler and Lon Perry
  • 2000 Wendy Howard and Greg Howard and Tommy Challacombe
  • 2001 Rhonda Oxford and Jay Oxford
  • 2002 Su Clifton and Dick Messner
  • 2003 Karen Graves and Charles Graves
  • 2004 Ann Clayton, Gary Tyler and Chris Marcom
  • 2005 Nancy Heap and Roger Heap
  • 2006 Watha Shanks and Jeff Patterson
  • 2007 Karen Caldwell, Vernon Floyd and Eddie Whitworth
  • 2008 Georgia Greenfield and J.M. Cope
  • 2009 Virginia Walker and Ray Walker
  • 2010 Cathy Riggins and Bruce Hoover
  • 2011 Julane Whitworth and Bob Bobo
  • 2012 Glenda Lorah and Jim Smith
  • 2013 Dawn Mefford and Aaron Henson
  • 2014 Sue Ann Kauffman and Jack Lowery
  • 2015 Kindra Woodall and Bill Blankenship
  • 2016 Linda Haston and Joe Wynn


Staff Report

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