It was a full week for Jesus

Wes Kinder - Contributing - Columnist

What a week for Jesus. He arrives at Bethany and spends the Sabbath with some friends.

The next day, Palm Sunday, was a day of honor. All four Gospels record what was the only “public demonstration” that our Lord allowed while he was ministering on earth. They were proclaiming Jesus as King. But Jesus knew that in just a few days, he would die at the cross.

But on the Sunday before, Jesus rides to town on a donkey colt. He asked two of his disciples to go over to the next village and secure a donkey colt which no one had ever ridden. Jesus tells them, “If anyone asks you why you are untying the colt, just tell them I have need of it.”

How many times has Jesus had need of our gifts and resources? How many times has he said, “I am in need of you,” and we let him down? How many times has he said, “I need the use of your hands or your feet,” or I need your cows or your horses, or your pickup and trailers, and yet we turn away from him and say not now Jesus, not now.

What a parade. The disciples lay their coats on the back of that little donkey. Coats and palm branches lay on the road. And Jesus allowed it. They were shoutin’ “Hosanna,” which means save us now. He arrived at the temple and went back to Bethany for the night.

On Monday, Jesus went into the temple and removed the money changers who were dishonoring the House of God.

Tuesday — Jesus teaches in the temple, and his authority is questioned by the religious leaders. He responds to them as only Jesus could.

On Wednesday, Jesus warns against religious leaders, calling them hypocrites and snakes. The Sanhedrin wants his life now. They enlist Judas to betray Jesus for money.

Thursday and into Friday — The Passover Meal — the Lord’s Supper, the prayer and arrest on the Mount of Olives in the garden of the oil press, the back and forth trials, the scourging, the trail to the cross.

Jesus goes to the cross. Was it for anything he had done? No, but the crowd insisted. He went because of our sin. It was the ultimate plan for redemption. He paid the price for you and for me. Jesus had been beaten. He had been scourged. He was made to wear a crown of thorns. They made him carry his own cross, but he was too weak. A man named Simon had come in from Cyrene was made to carry the cross of Jesus.

They drove in the nails and placed him there to die. They cast lots for his clothing. He asked God to forgive them. The soldiers were mocking him.

Darkness had fallen on the land. One of the thieves on the cross next to him asked Jesus to remember him. He told the thief, “Today, you will be with me in paradise.”

He suffered for every last one of us, yet so many don’t care.

At last he let out his last breath. It is finished.

The veil was torn; the earth shook. The tombs were opened. The Son was separated in death from the Father.

Was this the end? Was it all for nothing? No.

Sunday morning comes. They find an empty grave. He is alive. Jesus lives.

I serve Jesus today. I serve a living risen Savior.

How about you? Know him today.

Yep, a busy week indeed.

Join us in church Sunday as we celebrate Jesus is risen.

Choose Jesus and choose life. Find a church where you “fit in” and serve him and grow in Christ. See y’all at church and keep prayin’ for his harvest. Amen

Wes Kinder



Reach Wes Kinder at 580-585-3443 or

Reach Wes Kinder at 580-585-3443 or

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