Product reviews make me laugh

I love online shopping. Especially for birthdays and Christmas. I was perusing the internet for Halloween costumes the other day and couldn’t really find what I wanted. I figure I’ll have to buy a couple of different and piece together what I want. Anyway, I like to read reviews just to make sure what I’m ordering is what I will actually get—especially on Amazon or eBay.

Do you ever read the reviews on Amazon? I came across one for a wizard robe costume that I just enjoyed way too much. I was sitting on the couch looking at my phone and I just started laughing hysterically. I think my husband thought I’d finally lost it. I laughed for quite a few minutes before he finally asked what was so funny.

I started reading the review to him, and I just could not stop laughing. I’m reading through tears at this point and between gasps for air. He didn’t really understand why I was laughing so hard, so I thought I would share the review with all of you and let you decide if it’s as hilarious as I think or if I’ve just done lost my mind. (Or what is left of it anyway that my boys haven’t already taken.)

Here it is, the two star worthy wizard costume (wait til you see what the extra star was for):

Sorry, this product was ridiculously bad. When it arrived, I attempted to put it on. The purple robe is supposed to be sewn into the grey tunic you see in the picture to keep them both lightly attached. However, the arm holes from inside the grey tunic were sewn shut, so when I tried to put it on, all I could do was pull the grey tunic over my head and stand there like a double amputee. On Halloween, I had to wear another dark tunic that went to my knees, and pull on the sleeves of the purple robe while the grey tunic hung useless behind me. I made it work, because I wasn’t about to go through an entire refund process right before Halloween, and I’m also incredibly lazy.

The extra star is because I got to become the knight from Monty Python for a whole five minutes. This of course, amused my fiance to no end.

They say you get what you pay for, and I knew I was getting this for cheap ($45-$50), but HOLY CRAP this was a whole different level of terrible. Beware.

I’m not even sure which part is the funniest. The useless hanging tunic? The Monty Python knight? Or the fact that his fiance is just standing there laughing at him? I think it’s all of it together.

This review definitely sealed the deal and made me buy this product. This guy needs a job in advertising. Or maybe he needs a job as a stand-up comedian in a night club. I’d go see that show, as long as he’s wearing these robes.

I’m going to start leaving reviews for everything I buy online.

Reach Kathleen Guill at 580-379-0588, ext. 2602.

Reach Kathleen Guill at 580-379-0588, ext. 2602.

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