Listen to God and do that!

Wes Kinder - Contributing - Columnist

First off, I want to thank the Lord for the precip. we’ve received the last few days. It was difficult to go without for over two months.

Do any of y’all have any major changes planned to help 2018 be an awesome year? We could all say things like, “I’m gonna make money with my calves; after all, I promised the banker. I’m gonna make good crops. I’m gonna fix things up and straighten some other things. I’m gonna lose weight and get in shape. Oh yeah, and I need to help my fellow man. Wait a minute…. Hasn’t that been a part of my plan every year for the last several years? And shouldn’t I always be helping others? There seems to be a problem with all of this! “Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.” (Isaiah 43:18-19 nasb)

God wants to do something new but all I seem to do every year is keep on diggin’ up the old. God says “Let go of the past; I am doing something new, so pay attention!”

When we get ready to do something worthwhile, we must ask the question, “Is it my idea or is it God’s idea? We should try our best to go with His plan! And then make sure you acknowledge it is His plan. Don’t take credit for what you joined Him in doing.

Whatever our new resolutions might be, we need to ask the question, “God, is this thing right here what You really want me to do?” But if it isn’t in His plans for you… then what? WELL… I just tell Him about it and get Him to come along side me. Then it will be awright, ‘cause I’m gonna do it, anyway. After all, I should get to set my own plan and follow through on my own now and then, shouldn’t I? Well, my guess is that we probably make enough decisions on our own without even trying. But why do we run off and try something new without first running it by the Father. I reckon that we often just go ahead and do it and ask forgiveness later. We get involved in doin’ things that are awright and even somewhat worthwhile from our own earthly perspective, but is it really what God truly wants us to do? The sad thing about it is that we tend to go back to bein’ the same person we’ve always been because, under our own power and initiative, resolutions are hard to keep. Resolutions are hard to keep because they are usually something that we decide to do on our own. If we want to see a change goin’ in to this new year of 2018, we need to get on the same page with God!

“But how do I do that? I’m not sure He listens to me.” Well, who doesn’t listen to who (or is it whom). Maybe you don’t want to listen to Him because you weren’t sure what He desires for you to do would line up with what you want to do. Prayer is not prayer if it is not 2-way communication. We need to do way more listening than talking.

God sent His Son! Immanuel—God with us! His name is Jesus! He can take the broken and fix ‘em up good as new! It’s time to listen! And it’s time we quit hirin’ out to the world and start ridin’ for Jesus! Choose Jesus, choose life and you will be saved! And find a church where you “fit in” and grow in Christ! Thank you, Lord! God is good! See y’all at church and keep PRAYIN’ for the RAIN! Amen and Happy New Year!

Wes Kinder



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