Back to school safety and upcoming events

School will begin in a week or a few days for many in the area. I’m not sure if it is school or the wonderful reprieve from the heat that Mother Nature has been so kind to give us but I’ve notice a lot of people out and about downtown. I’m sure once we begin attending football and softball games she will be so kind as to return the heat. But I digress. My office windows offer me a pretty great view of most of downtown and there are people walking, biking and driving everywhere. It’s a great sight!

This also serves as a reminder that we all need to begin paying close to attention to the kiddos that will be walking and biking to school. Take an extra minute in the intersection to watch out for them crossing the roads and remember to slow down in the school zones. Experts say that kids lose a lot of knowledge over the summer break, and I’d say as an adult I lose the habit of watching out for school kids.

However, there is a flip side to that as well. Parents, remind your kiddos to take an extra look before crossing the road and remember to walk on the sidewalks when they are available and not the road. Another thing I notice is those who bicycle should ride with the flow of traffic—not the middle of the street— wear a helmet and signal when making a turn instead of darting out in front of a vehicle. If we all remember these simple things we can keep the school year a pleasant one.

I’d also like to tell you about some interesting programs going on at the Hackberry Flat Center this weekend. On Saturday, August 12 they will be hosting two night time events. The first is from 7:30-11 pm; it’s call “A Wetland At Night.” This program will give visitors the chance to tour the wetland at night in an open trailer to discover what goes on after the sun goes down.

The second event that night will be from 11 pm to 1 am and is entitled “Stars, Birds, Bats & Meteors.” This program will teach us about the summer night sky including constellations, planets, the Milky Way Galaxy and the Perseid meteor shower. Participants will also learn how birds, particularly shorebirds, and bats navigate by the stars as they migrate south.

Participants must be 14 years old and reservations are required for both events. To do so contact Melynda Hickman at or call 405-990-4977. Visit the chamber website at for more information.

These are both amazing opportunities to learn more about the area we live in while taking advantage of the amazing gem we have in our backyard, Hackberry Flat Wetland.

Don’t forget: be kind, be heard, be local.

Reach Felisha Crawford at or 580-335-2126.

Reach Felisha Crawford at or 580-335-2126.

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