Say thank you and mean it

How often do you say thank you or good job? I mean really tell someone thank you or good job and be specific about what you mean. I hope it’s a lot. I try my very hardest every day to tell those around me thank you for help, information, etc. or a hearty good job to those who deserve it. I’m sure I still miss out on opportunities but I try to make sure I catch everyone I can.

The Chamber and many local sponsors as well as volunteers recently worked together on the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon for our local schools. We served a fantastic meal and gave away some Chamber Bucks and PO’s in the hopes that we help them all start the year off right. It’s a great way to say thank you to those folks who are educating our future. Each year after the event we receive so many thank you notes and I love it. They are sincere and greatly appreciated.

This is always a helpful reminder to me to reap what I sow. If I enjoy getting these thank you notes then I better make sure to write a few myself. Let this be a little encouragement to you to do the same.

Another thing that I think is so important is to let folks know when they are doing a good job. Whether it be their work ethic, performance or how they run their business I know they will appreciate it. Just this morning someone asked me for a mailing address to the Scottish Inns, she really likes the way they are sprucing the building up and wanted to write a short note to let them know it’s been noticed and appreciated. I can’t imagine how great that will make the Bhaktas feel to know someone is noticing the hard work they are putting in to their businesses.

So I guess I’m going to wrap up my column with a challenge for us all. I challenge us to at least once a week make an effort to notice someone or a business who is doing something exceptional and then let them know. Whether it be a written note, an email or a verbal “good job”, express your gratitude to them for doing great things. Can you imagine what a more pleasant life we will lead with that much positivity running around?

I also challenge us to make sure and tell those around us Thank You. Again, write it down, type it out or say it with meaning — whatever the delivery method, make sure they know what you are specifically thanking them for. For instance, I thank you readers for letting me ramble and express myself as the Chamber Lady. You don’t have to read what I write or even take it to heart but many of you do and for that I am very grateful.

Don’t forget: Be Kind. Be Heard. Be Local.

Felisha Crawford, Executive Director

Reach Felisha Crawford at or 580-335-2126.

Reach Felisha Crawford at or 580-335-2126.

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