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Future Plans

Folks are always wanting to know what the future holds. Do you ever read the fortune cookie at the Chinese restaurant?  I don’t usually read mine, but I do remember the interesting message … more

Why I believe English classes are important

I’ve always loved to write, but never really thought I could make a career of it because only a fraction of writers become the next great American author. It wasn’t until I started … more

Attitude Adjusting in Christ

I want to discuss some serious stuff today. Paul writes in Philippians 4:8-9:8 Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is … more

His Harvest

The wheat harvest is a part of many a young person’s life if he or she is from rural southwest Oklahoma. A means of summer employment for just a few months as the harvest makes its way north … more

Opinion: Conservatorship is just legal captivity

I’m sure many of you have seen Britney Spears in the news recently as she fights to remove the conservatorship that controls her entire life. Although Britney Spears shot to stardom during … more

James and the Giant Peach was a great show

The Lawton Ballet Theatre recently held their production of James and the Giant Peach. I’d never read the book or seen the movie or a stage production of the show. I wasn’t even sure what … more

Going home!

Thank You, Lord for the rain! Let’s talk about the home place some more. Here in Oklahoma, many of us have a place in our family that we think of as the home place. For some of you, it may … more

Baptized below Flat Top

Here’s how Tom tells it in a letter to his Pa who lived on a place near San Angelo: Hey, Pa! I’ve got somethin’ to tell ya! Now, understand, we was movin’ a herd of cows … more

Summer break is here - and it started at the normal time!

The last day of school has arrived and on the one hand I’m thinking how has it gone by so fast, and on the other hand, I’m thinking has it really only been a year? I am grateful for … more

School ends in less than a month

One morning this week while the kids were getting ready for school I flopped down on the couch and said, “I can’t wait ‘til school is out for the summer.” One of them … more

My son had an accident on school property and no, I won’t sue

Last week my son had an accident at school on the playground. He fell on the monkey bars and fractured his nose in a couple of places and got about 14 stitches. The first thing someone asked me was … more

Live for Jesus!

Let me dig down in the story archives and tell you ‘bout a feller that fills the bill. Ole’ Slim worked hard all his life. All he seemed to know was punchin’ cows and fixin’ … more

God has best plan

Yep, go with God’s plan. I’m sure I have mentioned this before, but I need it again! It’s a good thing His ways are not our ways. And when we try to figure out what God is doing, it … more

Both feet in!

There was a time when it seemed most everyone I encountered acknowledged there was a God. I’ve told the story before about visiting with a friend who was “lost” and he knew it. … more

My dad is coming to visit!

My middle school son played Aladdin in the FMS production of Aladdin, Jr. at the end of January and although it’s a couple weeks later, I am still so proud of him and Quinn Johnson, who played … more

Hot iron!

Please be in prayer for folks affected by this pandemic. Some get it and they come out good, but others get it and it’s a tough deal. Life is precious. We need to do all we can. Pray and act … more

Should there be a hunting season for Sasquatch?

I get a lot of press releases about different kinds of legislation, but not always in a timely manner. So before I got the press release about Justin Humphrey (R-Lane) filing legislation that would … more

Listen to God, do that!

Most of us would like to have a re-do for the year 2020. If this year was 20/20, I’ll just keep wearing glasses! It seems that so many things went haywire. Pandemic, loss of loved ones, … more

It costs how much to cut down a tree?

Last week I wrote about all the absurd headlines I’ve seen over the last 12 months. I didn’t include the headlines in my own life though. Headlines like, “car’s check … more

I send my Son!

What is Christmas really all about? Well, I reckon it can start off like this: It’s about a young unmarried girl named Mary and her fiancé, a feller named Joseph, who were informed by an … more
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