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The Conversation: U.S. weekly news quiz
From the editors at The Conversation, an independent news organization based in Boston that publishes articles written by academic …
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Interesting facts

20 of the biggest insects in the world

Stacker compiled a list of 20 of the biggest insects in the world using a variety of news, scientific, and other sources.

20 of the strangest natural phenomena in America

From features in national parks to regional quirks, Stacker compiled a list of 20 of the strangest natural phenomena in the U.S.
From Polaroids to Instant Pots: Every year's must-have shopping fad since 1973
Olena Yakobchuk // Shutterstock Shopping has changed over the years—from small, local businesses to big-box stores with global …
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The deadliest accidental explosions ever recorded
PIUS UTOMI EKPEI // Getty Images Civilization needs an ever-increasing quantity of resources in order to sustain its activities, …
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Parachuting to Mars: Safe Exploration of the Red Planet
(BPT) - Two years ago, NASA’s Perseverance Rover landed on Mars, an aerospace feat helping prepare the mystery planet for …
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70 photos from the '70s that show how the world was changing
Keystone/Hulton Archive // Getty Images All told, the 1970s were a chaotic decade. At home, the countercultural revolution of the …
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Colleges with the most Olympians since Tokyo 2020

Best Universities compiled data from Team USA to identify the schools with the highest concentration of college athletes turned Olympians.

Odds of 50 random events happening to you

Stacker reveals the true odds of rare instances, such as bowling a perfect game or living to be 100.

23 astronomical events to look out for in 2023

Stacker compiled a list of 23 astronomical events to observe in 2023 using a variety of news and scientific sources.  
Things you should know

The largest lottery jackpots in US history

Stacker compiled a list of the 15 largest lottery jackpots in U.S. history from news reports and lottery press releases. 

US presidents who were elected for a second term, ranked

Stacker dug through the data of C-SPAN's most recent ranking of all U.S. presidents based on a 10-point scale devised by academics to rank those chief executives who served more than one term in office.

People think they should talk less to be liked, but new research suggests you should speak up in conversations with strangers

We found that people tend to think they should speak about 45% of the time to be likable in a one-on-one conversation with someone new. However, it appears speaking up a bit more is actually a better strategy. Quinn Hirschi, University of Chicago The …

Why are some people mosquito magnets and others unbothered?

It’s rare to attend an outdoor party in warm weather without hearing people complain about mosquitoes. They swat away, sit in campfire smoke, cover up with blankets and eventually just give up and go indoors. On the other end of the spectrum, there are plenty of people who don’t seem bothered by mosquitoes in the slightest.

More fun facts
25 terms you should know to understand the gun control debate
Trevor Bexon // Shutterstock In a country where three in 10 adults own a gun and nearly half of households have at least one gun …
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Here's how legislation in every state affects trans youth
dariatorchukova // Shutterstock On the surface, Americans and their legislators accept and understand LGBTQ+ individuals more now …
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5 changes to reproductive health care in the US since Roe's reversal
Canva The federal fight for reproductive rights began in 1965 when the Supreme Court ruled against states trying to prohibit the …
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How the US compares to other countries on policies that could mitigate homelessness
Canva In late February 2023, the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced it was allocating $5.6 billion in grants to …
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7 common types of anti-transgender legislation that have passed or failed in the last 10 years
Kevin Dietsch // Getty Images On March 2, 2023, Tennessee passed a law criminalizing drag performances—the first of its kind …
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States where the most Jan. 6 rioters were arrested
Bill Clark // Getty Images Leading up to the riot in which supporters of then-President Donald Trump attempted to storm the U.S. …
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The Nigerian Prince and 8 other common cybercrime characters
fizkes // Shutterstock "My Dear, a fortune is awaiting you … but it's locked in an overseas account …" Sound familiar? You …
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People in these 20 industries donated the most money to Donald Trump
Evan El-Amin // Shutterstock Former President Donald Trump announced shortly after the midterm elections in November 2022 that he …
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10 groundbreaking inventions and the women who created them
Cynthia Johnson // Getty Images The world's first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace, was born in 1815 to the poet Lord Byron and …
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