Don Sebastian is running for city council ward 3


Don E. Sebastian is running for city council ward 3.

He said he’s running for city council because he loves this community, and believes he has a lot to offer.

“As part of ACS Salon, an independent small business in Frederick, and having worked for the plant and the schools, I recognize the challenges folks in this community face,” Sebastian said. “Everyone is important, and needs to know that our reward comes from doing what’s right, taking care of each other, while also having respect for oneself, regardless of perceived culture or socioeconomic status. The common narratives pushed are largely distraction, meant for divide & conquer.”

Sebastian says he has a lot of life experiences, and believes himself a lifetime student.

“I have made my share of mistakes,” Sebastian said. “Like everybody, I’ve before been misled and have made my share of mistakes. From these things I’ve learned how to do better, with a sharp mind and discernment. Also, at some point, the student must become the teacher.”

Sebastian said one of the most important qualities of a city council member is listening and making yourself available to the constituents.

“In this case, the peoples of Frederick America,” he said.

Three things he wants you to know about him are, “I believe that we each are more important with greater potential than we give ourselves credit. I am technological and believe in the power of people together, working toward goals. I have traveled in many circles and fears exist only in my rear-view mirror.”

When asked why he thinks people should get involved in their communities, Sebastian said, “We teach by example, so future generations need to see our involvement to believe it. We become as is our habits, so diligence in the face of difficulty fortifies our nature. It’s better to give than receive.”

How can you make Frederick better?

“Tough question,” Sebastian said. “There’s lots to love about Frederick. My wife, Christy and I have a heart for the kids, so I’d have to say that anything done to make Frederick the place where young adults wish to stay, rather than leave, is a step in the right direction.”

Sebastian says, “It’s completely your choice to make. To help you, I ask for your vote for Don Sebastian. “Know that whomever you choose to vote for, that vote is important. Don’t miss your chance at the polls on April 6, 2021… to Be the Difference!”


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