Hunt to run for city council


Tahnee (Stewart) Hunt, a lifelong native of Tillman County, is running for Frederick City Council.

Hunt said she was inspired to run when she would hear people speaking about things that needed changing in Frederick. She decided she could be that change.

“As I would scroll on Facebook, I would see people constantly talking about things that needed to be changed in Frederick,” Hunt said. “People would voice their opinions on good ideas and solutions or, some would just complain and place blame on others. No one ever seemed to put effort and take action outside of the internet. I started hoping someone would take these ideas and actually try to make an impact instead of sitting around and complaining. When I learned there would be an opening on the City Council, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to stop complaining and make a change, to be that person that not only has my own thoughts and ideas of how to improve Frederick, but someone who can look to the citizens of Frederick and recognize great ideas that could better our community and create a real opportunity to better this city. We all have chosen to live in Frederick and its time we started taking action in bettering this place we call home.”

Hunt said her experience in banking will help her if she’s elected to the city council.

“I have worked in banking for almost seven years,” she said. “I don’t claim to be a financial expert but money and money management is something I’m very comfortable with. I believe I would be a real asset in deciding how city money is spent, and making educated financial decisions. I would love the opportunity to learn how the city is currently using its funding and offer my input.”

3. What do you think the most important quality of a city council member is? Honesty & Transparency. It is important to have people in our council that you can trust, people that are going to be transparent about what is happening in the city, and people that will recognize when something isn’t working and make the hard decisions. Frederick needs someone to know when it’s time to make necessary changes.”

Three things that Hunt would like you to know about her:

She is highly motivated, she is an honest and trustworthy citizen, and she cares about the community her son will grow up in.

“I want Frederick to thrive,” Hunt said. “We are the upcoming generations. We have grown up with different opportunities and have different problem solving skills. We can offer new perspective and new ideas to our community. We should care what is happening in our city. We should want to do what we can to preserve the amazing community we have and to grow and change Frederick so that it will be better for the next generations after us.

“I love Frederick and the great people that live here,” Hunt continued. “We are truly blessed to live in a community where we all come together when someone is in need, and we rally together when times are tough. I believe we need to rally together and fight to make Frederick bigger and better, not only for ourselves but for our children and the future generations.”

Running for city council is a big undertaking, but Hunt said she has plenty of support.

“I am very lucky to have a supportive husband, my parents, in-laws, and several close friends and coworkers who have offered their support, advice, and helping hands through this new journey,” Hunt said. “I have been very blessed to see many people in the community reaching out with support as well. I hope I can continue to gain the support of the community and be given the opportunity to serve on the City Council. We can be the change we want to see in Frederick. I want to encourage everyone to get out and vote. It is important that we get involved and take interest in what is happening in Frederick. Get out and vote for who you know can best serve you on your city council.”

The election is scheduled for April 6.


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