Ouellette seeking re-election for city council ward 3


Kevin Ouellette Sr. is seeking your vote to keep his Councilman Ward 3 seat.

”I have been the Ward 3 representative on the Frederick City Council since April 2015,” Ouellette said. “Initially I had no thought or interest of being in public office. I was content doing my part being an involved parent at school volunteering to support activities and athletics the boys were involved in. I have a busy life as sole parent and a challenging occupation. I retired after 20 years in the US Army and am employed by American Electric Power at the power generating station in Lawton. My upbringing and the culture of service my parents taught us was basically this, ‘If you’re asked to serve…then you serve.’

Ouellette was reelected in 2017.

“The best thing about this council is everyone has a different strength, and we all work very well together. That’s extremely important when having candid deliberations and making tough decisions with limited resources. That is taken seriously. On April 6, 2021, we will have at a minimum two new council members out of the five seats. I’m running again to ensure stability and continuity is maintained on the city council.”

Ouellette said he contributes to city council with his knowledge and broad experience from the utility industry and his military service.

“I’m a critical thinker and well versed in finding the ‘root cause’ of a problem so we can better plan and budget to solve an issue or improve a service,” he said. “I bring leadership, technical knowledge of electric utilities, experience in military relations, and airport operations. I was humbled to be chosen by my fellow council members to serve as Vice Mayor and was appointed by the council to serve on the board of the Sheppard Military Affairs Committee (SMAC) to continue to build Frederick’s relationship with Sheppard AFB. The relationship between Frederick and the Air Force cannot be understated. That committee was the core organization that lobbied to obtain funding for the Frederick Airport runway reconstruction.”

Ouellette said work ethic and an “all in” commitment are important qualities for any city council member.

“It takes at least that to be effective,” he said. “Council members are not paid a salary or receive any other form of compensation. Many of us take time off work or use vacation hours to attend to city matters. To serve in that role it does take more than just work ethic and a commitment. A council member has to be a better listener than a speaker, be a consensus and relationship builder, have and leverage their professional and life experience. The work ethic comes in play with self-study in order to understand the budgeting process and decipher all the rules and regulations a city has to be run by.”

Ouellette wants you to know a few things about him.

“I moved to Frederick in 2004 after retiring from the military,” he said. “I was at Fort Sill at the time and I wanted to live in a community with a great school district where my boys would be safe walking to school and to have easy access to all the services I needed nearby. I did my research and chose to live here. There really wasn’t a close second place. Frederick had what I needed as a parent. Great school, grocery store, full time fire and police departments, family practice for the football bumps and bruises, a dentist, eye care, a pharmacy, and a great sense of community. Probably the best decision I made in my life. Some other things about me, I love to get up and go somewhere with my son without much planning. That makes it the most fun. I’ve also been known to have a passion for big old airplanes and parachutes.”

Ouellette said everyone should get involved in their community.

“The easiest way a person can be involved in the community is to vote,” he said. “Not only local elections but state and national. The regulations and laws passed on to us from the state and federal does impact us here in Frederick, as we have seen, sometimes negatively. So your vote matters every time. Someone does not have to be in public office to be involved and make a positive impact. We have several fantastic non-profits and organizations that enhance this community and our school district. Whatever time a volunteer can give to their community is real value and is appreciated. Every volunteer hour makes our community better.”

What do you love about Frederick?

“It’s simple, it’s home. The airport sunsets. Bomber football home and away. Bomber fans travel well. We love filling other teams’ seats on a road game. How this community supports it’s school district is amazing.”

How can you make Frederick better?

“Rural Oklahoma towns and small cities have taken a hit across the board, especially the past two decades. Majority of the growth in Oklahoma has been the OKC, Tulsa Metro, and the I-35 corridor. Lawton has even seen a slight decline. To compare apples and apples, Frederick has fared well compared to other Oklahoma towns under 10,000. We can always be better. It’s going to take creativity and looking for funding opportunities as we have been to further invest in capital projects. COVID-19 has changed how many people now work and shop. There may be opportunities in luring families who can remote work and want to move out of cities to smaller communities. This is a great town. Get out and vote!”


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