Rheome to run for city council


Chuck (Charles) Rheome is running for the at large position on Frederick City Council.

Rheome said he is running for city council because he believes he can make a difference.

“I believe our city council needs to be more transparent to the citizens,” Rheome said. “Also, council members need to be more accessible for their citizens and their needs.”

Rheome said he thinks he can help Frederick as a city council member by making sure the city becomes more conservative in their spending.

“Getting the most bang for our dollars that we have to spend is important,” he said. Most importantly, we should make these things more transparent to citizens. I would not mind meeting or speaking with anyone, any time, and tell them anything I’m legally allowed to tell them. Citizens can always call or come by my business. I think the city government ought to function like the county government. It shouldn’t be any different. They’re a lot more transparent. We have to make decisions the citizens will understand, and if we’re transparent, they will understand the hard decisions we make if they know what’s going on.

Rheome said the city needs to fix the streets.

“We need to fix our streets and one way to do that is get rid of the heavy trash trucks,” he said. “They weigh the same as a semi but the city doesn’t allow those to be driven on city streets.”

Rheome said one of the most important qualities of a city council member is to be accessible to citizens.

Rheome wants citizens to know that he can read financial statements, is very open about government, and will try to make sure the city runs efficient like a business would.

“I love the closeness and friendliness of Frederick and plan to make it my life home,” Rheome said. “I’ve been here 20 something years. Being raised in a small town where everyone knows your business isn’t a bad thing. If you need help, you don’t even have to ask. Someone already knows and shows up to help you. We can make Frederick something we can be proud of again.”

Rheome said he wants you to know that if he’s elected to city council, this city isn’t his anymore than it is yours.

“The city belongs to its citizens,” Rheome said. If we get citizens to stand behind us, to make them apart of it and include them in bad times and good times, they’ll understand certain decisions. I’ll have an open door policy and I’ll answer any questions I’m legally allowed to.”


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