School enrollment moved online, must be complete by Aug. 6


A new school year is fast approaching. There will be noticeable changes for this school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first change? School enrollment will be online this year.

The online enrollment site should be live by July 31. Your students should be completely enrolled by Aug. 6. Parents should use their current user name and password for the online grade book to log in and complete enrollment.

If you are a new student or do not remember your password, please email your building counselor Dana Norvell for grades 9-12 or Julie Treadwell for grades Pre-K - 8 to get your log-in credentials for enrollment.

Immunizations must be current. Seventh-graders will need a Tdap vaccine.

Public school is fundamental to child and adolescent development and well-being and provides students with academic instruction, social and emotional skills, safety, reliable nutrition, therapy services, school health services, opportunities for physical activity, and many other benefits, according to the plan sent out regarding Frederick Public Schools reopening. The goal is to implement policies and procedures to ensure the safety of students, school employees, and visitors to the best of their abilities. This plan may be adjusted if further mandates are received from the State Dept of Education or other appropriate agency, but as of press time, Frederick Public Schools will reopen for students on Aug. 13, 2020.

To prevent the spread of communicable diseases, especially during a pandemic or public health crisis, the district will implement the following protocol to control and restrict access to school property, activities, and events:

Parents will be asked to screen their child before bringing them to school or putting them on a bus. The screening process consists of a few basic health questions and taking their temperature reading. The template for screening the student will be available on the Frederick Public School website, This process should take very little time each morning. Staff will screen themselves using the same template.

The district may screen any individual who enters a school facility. The screening process may include taking temperatures, asking health-related questions, and isolating those that have symptoms of a communicable disease.

As of press time, masks for students is not mandatory but that is subject to change if a statewide or city wide mandate is put in place, or if the Oklahoma State Department of Education requires it.

Other safety measures include:

  • Students using hand sanitizer before and after using computer lab equipment, Chromebooks, or tablets.
  • Classrooms sanitized daily. Restrooms will be sanitized throughout the day.
  • Teachers will have seating charts for each class to help with contact tracing.
  • Common areas will be limited for use as much as possible. If used, the area will be sanitized at the end of each day.
  • For students who change classrooms, desks will be sanitized between classes..
  • Classroom teachers will utilize space available to promote as much distance between students during instruction and all activities as possible.
  • Classroom teachers will discourage the sharing of personal items and supplies.
  • We are currently installing touchless faucets in bathrooms.
  • Water fountains will only be used in conjunction with water bottles or other containers with a lid and cap. Student and staff will not be allowed to use their mouth to get a drink at the fountains
  • Bathroom high touch areas will be cleaned once in the mornings and afternoon.

Buses will be sanitized after students arrive in the morning and again when buses return after school. Also before and after any trips. Social distancing will be used when possible. If weather conditions permit, bus or other school vehicle windows will be open to promote airflow. Seating charts will also be used on buses.

Facility doors will remain locked and all visitors must call the appropriate office for assistance. An office employee will screen all visitors on campus with a temperature check, questions about symptoms and out of state/country travel. Visitors with temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or above, symptoms of COVID-19, or have traveled to restricted areas will be asked to leave the facility.

The first day of school is set for Thursday, Aug. 13 but that is subject to change if new information from the Oklahoma State Department of Education dictates.

Frederick Public Schools will have in person, traditional school as many days as possible throughout the school year, although staff, teachers, and administration recognize that interruptions to the school year will likely be unavoidable.

In an effort to better connect with students and sustain learning regardless of the situation, there are multiple scenarios for delivery of education during the school year including traditional, distance and virtual. There may also be various methods of school closures including by classroom, grades, site or district. Frederick Public Schools will make every effort to get information out to parents as soon as possible, using the Frederick Press-Leader, school social media pages, and their website.

Frederick Public Schools (FPS) will be offering a Distance Learning option for PK-2 using Wonders Reading, Edmentum (Reading Eggs) and Exact Path.

FPS will be offering the option for students to attend school virtually in grades 3-12. Online classes will be through Odysseyware at FHS, through Study Island and Odysseyware at the FMS, and Study Island at FES. An adult learning coach (parent, guardian, etc) must be available three hours per day to help the student reach their goals.

FPS needs you to understand that enrolling in virtual school is a year long commitment. The student cannot go back to regular classes until the end of the school year. There will be a 14 day grace period where a student can return to school. Student attendance will be in accordance with policy FDC-R1 and is based on completion of assignments in a timely manner. An FPS teacher will be available to meet with the student and family virtually a couple of times per week and will be responsible for evaluating submitted work and assigning grades.

Students may choose a combination of virtual and regular classes at school during virtual schooling. If students choose this option, they are responsible for being brought to school and being picked up from school promptly. They will check in and out of school using normal procedures. Normal attendance requirements would be in place for the time at school.

If schools need to close, a distance (virtual) learning plan will be utilized. Devices will be sent home subject to approval of paperwork on policy FNCD-R and student attendance will be in accordance with policy FDC-R1 and is based on the completion of assignments in a timely manner.

Things to know about virtual learning:

• At least 2 grades per week, per subject will be taken

• Teacher will communicate daily with students

• Teachers will assign lessons daily

• Parents will be requested to provide a quiet learning environment daily

• Parents will be requested to communicate with the teacher at least weekly

• Parents will be responsible for students turning in their work as directed

• Students who check out devices should use them for school only.

• Students will be responsible for working each day.

• Students will be responsible for completing and turning in work on time

• Students and parents will be responsible for keeping school devices in good condition and returning them in working order.

All 6-12th-grade students will take Semester Tests. There will be no exemptions this school year. We want students to stay home if they are ill or show symptoms. Incentives for perfect attendance at this time are not warranted.

In accordance with school policy, if students are ill or show symptoms of illness and stay home, they can be counted present for that school day if they meet the attendance requirements for distance learning. (Policy FDC-R1)

Any criteria or protocol for students with COVID-19 may be revised as new guidelines or recommendations are released by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

For information, contact Frederick Public Schools at 580-335-5516.


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