The battle of the Bills heats up as election day nears


As election day draws near, the battle for Tillman County Sheriff heats up

Candidate Bill Ingram sent out a second campaign letter addressing questions that he said he’s been asked by citizens.

“One question I was asked was how can we get more deputies and better patrol coverage in the county?” the letter reads in part. “At present we have a sheriff and two deputies to cover the entire County…I have been told that my opponent wants to raise property taxes to provide more money for his new Sheriff’s Department. Folks, I promise that raising taxes is not on my agenda! We must live within our means and make government work for you; not you work more for government.”

In response to the allegations Ingram made, Candidate Bill Hunt responded in a Facebook post.

His post reads in part, “The assessor can raise taxes by raising property values. Anything else that affects the tax levies, (school bonds, etc.), must be done by the vote of the people. The sheriff has no control over taxes at all. Even if the levies were raised, little to none would go to the Sheriff’s Department.”

Ingram also said he’s been asked about his age versus that of his opponent.

“Admittedly I am many years older than my opponent and I have over twice as much experience,” Ingram’s letter reads. “What does that mean to you the voter? I believe it means that I have lived long enough to understand that getting along with people, being patient with folks and also trying to understand each person’s particular situation when dealing with them puts me in a far better position for a positive outcome than someone who rushes in, demands compliance, and escalates the situation instead of listens. Many times, those types of actions only reveal the inexperience of youth.”

Hunt’s response reads, “I am young, however, I do not lack experience. I do have less life experience. When it comes to the law, policing, protecting and serving, and offering my life in place of anyone in the community, age doesn’t matter. We in law enforcement are on equal ground. Age does not determine character, integrity, or morals. Patience is a virtue that can be obtained at any age.”

Ingram then addresses his opponent’s alleged reason for leaving the Frederick Police Department.

“I was also asked to compare my leaving the Frederick Police Department versus my opponent leaving that department. I resigned to further my career with a Tillman County Sheriff’s Department in the hopes of someday serving as your Sheriff. My opponent resigned while under administrative suspension due to a citizen complaint concerning the use of excessive force against a minority citizen. I guarantee that no form of racism or excessive force will have any place in the Tillman County Sheriff’s Department if I am elected your Sheriff.”

Hunt said there are pros and cons about both candidates.

“It is the belief that slandering your opponent is a means to an end that I will not take part in,” Hunt’s post continues. “On a final note, I will not dignify a response to Mr. Ingram’s last claim. I serve all people. Anyone is welcome to all public records. I would suggest that you research all officials on every level before you cast your vote. My rise in law enforcement speaks to my integrity.”

It is important to research all issues and candidates for any office before election day because every vote counts.


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