The Frederick School Enrichment Foundation has announced that applications for the Lorene Wessel Scholarship for 2021 graduates of Frederick High School are now available at the high school counselor’s office.

The scholarship will permit any 2021 graduate of Frederick High School, who is a full-time student, has completed 12 hours of course work during the first semester of their collegiate career, has obtained a 2.0 GPA, and is enrolled as a full-time student for the second semester, to be entitled to a $500.00 scholarship from the Foundation’s Wessel Endowment.

Also, any student who pursues a full-time career technology program and completes the full-time course work during the first semester on a satisfactory basis will qualify for a $250.00 stipend for the second semester of the career technology program.

All funds will be paid directly to the college or technology center where the student is enrolled.

Loyd Benson, Chairman of the Foundation, stated, “The Foundation Board believes that this will be an incentive to students who wish to continue their education for the second semester either in their college course or technology program. In this time of high unemployment, students who obtain additional education will have a better opportunity for the jobs that are available.”

Applications may be obtained at the high school principal’s office. Completed applications along with a copy of the student’s unofficial transcript and enrollment for the Spring 2022 semester, must be returned by January 31, 2022, via email to FHS Counselor Dana Norvell at dnorvell@frederickbombers.net or to the Foundation at FrederickSchoolEnrichment@mail.com.