April 20, 2018
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    Indepth look at the Chamber website

    I promised a while back to talk in depth about the Chamber website but got a little side tracked by all the activities going on around town. So now that we have a tiny moment [...]
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    Mulan sold out in days

    The cast of Mulan has been working hard to get ready for production April 26 and 27. The play is expected to be a hit and has already sold out. The cast of Mulan has [...]
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    Palm Sunday and beyond!

    I just want to start out by asking if y’all are praying for rain. We are still in need. This week’s story comes from the Bible. Well, for the most part, they all do! Jesus [...]
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    40 things to do on spring break

    Let me just start by saying thank you again to the many people who volunteered and attended the Oyster Fry March 3. It truly was a fantastic day in Frederick. We served roughly 900 a [...]
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    New in Christ

    A relationship with Jesus…that relationship causes us to be made new! The old you is gone! How can I tell if I’m not the old, former man I was? It’s not just how you look [...]



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